vrijdag 15 augustus 2014

Blik op NOS-journaal calls with Ukraine Embassy in The Hague

We thought that the "official journalist" ask few questions to Ukrainian officials. And there are things to talk about. So we decided to do it ourselves. Below the interview with Yuriy Zakharchuk, official spokesman of the Ukrainian Ambassy in the Hague, Thursday afternoon 14 August 2014. Editted by JDTV. Sound quality of the interviewer sometimes low. The spokesman however to be heard loud and clearly:

On the tapes of the control tower and MH17:

"...Communications between the tower and the plane... they have been transferred to the Dutch safety board. It is up to them, when to disclose this information"

On the Ukrainian army bombing cities and villages in East Ukraine:

"I don't believe this is true..."

On reports of over 50 civilians killed by Ukrainian bombardments:

"All the military actions are conducted agains the terrorists... they have explicitly said they would use human shields to prevent Ukrainian army from attacking them. So it may be this case.... the civilian population may suffer from that. This is not our goal. Our goal is totally opposite. To protect the civilian population from the terrorists".

On the destroyed infrastructure of Lugansk:

"It has not been destroyed by Ukrainian army. Because the territory is currently under control of the terrorists. So Ukraine has no influence whatsoever what is going on there."

On Odessa:

At the end when coming to the topic of Odessa, the spokesman suggested to arrange for a meeting with the embassador himself. We agreed on that. But after some email exchange the interview with the Ambassador was denied for us not being a registered media agency with press-card. So, it is now up to the "official" journalists.

Editted by JDTV.

UPDATE 17-8-2014 22:27 Ook de Malaysieërs zeggen dat de data bij het internationale onderzoeksteam zijn onder leiding van de Nederlanders. “I cannot reveal its content. We will leave it to the international investigation team, led by the Netherlands, to announce it.” De vraag is waarom het publiek, waaronder de nabestaanden, niet alvast die tapes te horen krijgt. http://www.nst.com.my/node/23624

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  1. Very interesting interview and information. Looking forward to read more about it.

  2. tuurlijk willen ze je niet weer te woord staan zoals in dit (steengoede) interview; het moet tegenwoordig allemaal via de mail... opdat ze de tijd krijgen om hun leugen te prepareren en niet voor het blok worden gezet met onwelgevallige vragen waar ze even niet zo snel een leugen op weten te verzinnen.

    O, en dat je niet geregistreerd zou zijn als echte media... ach ... dat heb je ook niet nodig.... kijk maar naar Vice .... die zijn nu ook hughe geworden