donderdag 12 juni 2014

"Poroshenko is a good outcome", Hans van Baalen (EU Parliament) after elections, (Part 2/2)

"Poroshenko is a good outcome", and "Let us see how we can create stability in the East of Ukraine", are again some of the remarkable statements made by Hans van Baalen, about the ruling powers in Kiev. Hans van Baalen is member of the Dutch political party VVD (People's Party for Freedom and Democracy ("Libdem's")), and was re-elected in the EU-parliament and a promiment supporter of the Maidan movement where he also actively participated when Democratically elected Janukovitch was still in power (see video elsewhere on our website). See the short interview with him below, made on Friday 30 May 2014, starting at 1:30. But the first one and a half minute are also interesting enough, see for explanation of the intro-part between the 2 video's.

We now kindly draw your attention to the start of the video with talkshow host Thijs van den Brink. The video below is just a few seconds, but shows the preparations only seconds before Talkshow "Knevel & van den Brink" goes on air on Dutch national State funded television, Fridayevening 30 May. Thijs van den Brink is the co-host of the show, the gentleman that also appears in the video above in the fist minute as well. The talkshow is organised by the state-funded EO, Evangelistic broadcast Organisation, in other words, THE Christian Dutch broadcasting organisation. As the short conversation with him is in Dutch, below, the translation in English:

Talkshow host Van den Brink: "What is it about?"

Interviewer: "It's about Ukraine"

Security Guard interfers and asks van den Brink: "You want to participate in this?"

Talkshow host Van den Brink: "I prefer not to"

Security Guard: "Then it is over"

Talkshow host Van den Brink: "Yes"

All together: "SEE YOU, HAVE A NICE WEEKEND!!!"

Do we need to say more? Yes, let's summarise it: Knevel & van den Brink have Hans "Mr Maidan himself" van Baalen in their talkshow. They talk with Hans van Baalen about everything, but Ukraine, in spite of all the otrocities taking place there. When the host, THIJS VAN DEN BRINK, who receives his salary from taxpayer's money, is asked a logical question outside the studio about this issue, he escapes into the night...

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