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Open Letter to Frans Timmermans (Must Read)

Frans Timmermans, Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, held an emotional appeal addressing the UN in New York. It proved that a key-part of his speech was based on manipulated and incorrect information. The "Thugs" that had stolen rings, proved to be Anti-Fascists securing valuables of the victims. Taking Timmermanss own words, it is the "thugs" from Kiev trying to take advantage of a catastrophe by falsifying information. Please read below the "impressive" letter of Bas van der Plas with the video-link addressed to Frans Timmermans. When will sanctions against Kiev be subject of conversation?



Dear Frans Timmermans,

As Minister of Foreign Affairs you are representing the Dutch interests around the world. And sometimes you have to act tough in it. Especially in the current situation with the dramatic plane crash in eastern Ukraine, where no less than 193 Dutch citizens tragically died. You talked about that on July 21 during a meeting of the UN Security Council. The Dutch newspaper NRC called it "an impressive speech" of "an emotional Minister of Foreign Affairs” and published the full text in English. Of course you are, like many other Dutch people, emotionally touched by the events in eastern Ukraine with the dramatic fall of flight MH17 with tragic consequences. In your 'impressive speech', you use the following words:"The last couple of days we have received very disturbing reports of bodies being moved about and looted for their possessions. It must be unbearable to lose your husband first and then to have the fear that some thug might steal his wedding ring from his remains." Of course 'stealing a wedding ring' of one of the victims, is an extremely serious crime, but this example should be based on the truth. However, this is not true. The Ukrainian authorities now in power in Kiev have an interest to assure that in the eastern part of the country one crime follows the other. And they do not shrink from falsifying or fabricating 'evidence'. Please look at the following video in which you also play a role:


Also, the Dutch NOS-news, in the person of correspondent Godfroid, regularly reports in a indiscriminate and not fact-based manner about 'theft', the 'removal of personal belongings of victims' and thus contributes to a desired image by Kiev about the 'criminal' east. The past ten years I have often been in that area. I did research for my new book and stayed at my in-laws in the Russian Federation only about 500 meters away from the Ukrainian border. From there I went to places like Krasnodon, Lugansk, Snezjnoje, Donetsk, Kramatorsk and more places that until July 17, 2014, but few have heard of. It is a war zone now.

My forthcoming book is also about war, which only took place 70 years ago. Also then the area where now fighting is going on was a war zone. In the period 1941-1944 countless men, women and children from that area were transported to Greater Germany for forced labor. The so-called 'Ostarbeit'. Countless people lost their lives, others came back to the Soviet Union broken and were on arrival blamed for 'high treason'. I've talked to a lot of people there to gather information for my book: former forced laborers and their relatives, children, grandchildren ... and I got to know the people in the eastern parts of Ukraine as people with a heart of gold, who will certainly not do what Godfroid claims in the NOS news. Your speech at the UN Security Council was also broadcasted on Ukrainian and Russian television, it is no wonder that the people in the villages around the remains of flight MH17 with disbelief and emotionally reacted to your words.

The war of 70 years ago still leaves deep wounds in eastern Ukraine. The word 'fascism' is still enough for violent emotions, almost every family lost relatives to that 'political system'. Therefore, when it became known that the new government in Kiev after the takeover of February 22, 2014 was brought to power with the support of the openly fascist paramilitary organization 'Right Sektor' and the crypto-fascist political party Svoboda (Freedom), for many people in that region it was a reason to turn away, with all its consequences we know now, from the new authorities in Kiev.

Mr. Timmermans, emotions are understandable, I even welcome emotions in politics, but emotions must be based on sincerity and truth. Don't rely on and be mislead by the flow of disinformation and propaganda that is also going on. Because like all wars, this is a propaganda war in which the disinformation can even penetrate a meeting of the UN Security Council. And that could not have been your intention

I wish you strength in your further appearances for the interests of the victims and their families,

Yours sincerely,

Bas van der Plas

Narva (Estonia), July 23, 2014


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  1. Hallo,

    Ik heb vandaag deze website ontdekt en ik ben blij om te horen dat er meer kritische denkers zijn in Nederland die niet zomaar klakkeloos de informatie herhalen zoals die door de Nederlandse/westerse pers worden verspreid. Ik heb de informatie over de trouwring-propaganda ook gebruikt op mijn blog. Wellicht interessant om links uit te wisselen. Groeten uit Nijmegen

    zie: http://oekrainevanuitrussischperspectief.blogspot.nl/2014/07/ook-de-zogenaamde-diefstal-van.html

  2. Iedere persoon, iedere site, die de waarheid verspreidt, verdiend ons respect, en onze kameraadschappelijke gevoelens, hier bij mijn complimenten en courage!

  3. Hoi Joost. Goed dat je de weg naar hier gevonden hebt. Plaats gerust een link in de comments als je een vers artikel hebt.

  4. Goede brief van Bas van der Plas! Timmermans zit nu echter zo diep in de club dat-ie niet meer zomaar terug kan.. Voor hem geldt dan: de dood, of de gladiolen (in Brussel?). Diewer

  5. "veilig stellen van persoonlijke eigendommen" ?

    Vertel mij eens waarom een ring van een dode afgenomen dient te worden om 'veilig gesteld te worden'. Doe de dode in een lijkzak en blijf verder van hem/haar af. Ongeacht welke intenties diegene ook had, het blijft stupide en onverantwoord.