donderdag 31 juli 2014

Hier schiet het Oekraïense leger nu mee: OTR-21 Tochka Tactische Raket

Het Oekraïense leger is de afgelopen dagen weer een stap verder gegaan (bron o.a. bovenstaande CNN rapport, maar hiet als enige bron) in het gebruik van nog zwaardere wapens. Nieuw in hun programma is nu de Точка. Oftewel: OTR-21 Totchka Tactical Missile. Een duizend-ponder. Hij is recent afgevuurd in Donbass.

En het laatste bericht uit Donbass van Strelkov is het volgende: "Onduidelijke info - er is doorgegeven dat Saur Moginu (dit is een tactisch belangrijke heuvel in handen van het verzet) door Ukis (de Oekraïeners) beschoten is met iets zwaars, mogelijk, opnieuw met Totshki."

En hier is het allerlaatste nieuws van Strelkov en zijn team:

"Just (at 22:30) the column of VSU (Strijdkrachten van Oekraïene) was ambushed under Saur the Grave. The equipment in large numbers burns, at the enemy there are a lot of 200th".

Verzetsleden na een geslaagde eerdere actie. Op de achtergrond rookt de tank van de opponent.

English Summary

Ukrainian army upgraded again in the use of heavy weaponary. Tochka's are introduced as per reports of CNN, above, among others. See the videos of what the Tochkis look like. Further the latest news from Strelkov on the important Saur the Grave where he first got reports something heavy was thrown on, maybe such a missile, but then: "Just (at 22:30) the column of VSU (armed forces Ukraine) was ambushed under Saur the Grave. The equipment in large numbers burns, at the enemy there are a lot of 200th".

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  1. This reaction we received by mail from an old friend from Charkov area (we agreed to disagree...):

    You should be andry at Russian bastards who block the investigation.
    The plane crashed on the territory which is under their control.
    The international commision gets any possible support from Ukrainian
    But when the commision crosses the frontline it can`t get any.
    Of course Russian killers won`t let the investigation to be held.
    What did you expect from them? A red carpet?
    The remains of the plane are still under the control of Russian field
    Field commander Girkin(Strelkov) is Russian citizen and FSB officer.
    DNR leader Boroday is also Russian citizen as well as thousand who fight
    on teir side against Ukraine
    That`s not even separatism. I call this a Russian intervention.
    So as soon as we swep them away the very minute we will get access to
    the crashsite.

    Our army is advancing so I hope that full access to the crashsite will
    be available in a week or two.
    For your better understanding we can`t just go and say: "OKAY, Russians,
    cease fire clear the site and let the investigation go".
    There is a WAR ongoing in Ukraine. Got it? And the war and the downed
    plane is the Putin`s fault.
    On behalf of mine I already do everithing possible to support the
    investigation and liberating my land from Russian military who wage a
    war and kill innocents.

    P.S. We don`t have any ballistic missiles. We destroyed the last one in
    AND It fires thousands miles away. You can`t hit a close target by it.
    The target must be THUSAND MILES away Foolish to say about using it.
    Simply saying ballistic missile from Ukraine can`t hit Ukrainian
    territory. And, as I said before, we destroyed our last ballistic
    missile in 1996. Another propaganda fake.

  2. And the following addition to the previous posting from him:
    And according to my information 600-700 Australian and Natherlands
    troops arrived to Ukraine to help clean the path for the crashsite and
    to guard the investigators with the help of Ukrainian Rmed Forces, of
    course. So they`ll be there sooner than a week. Maybe a couple of days.