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Special interview Sergei Lavrov: "Concerns about investigations MH17"

Sergei Lavrov, Russian Minister of Foreign affairs, answers freely to open questions from journalists of Echo Moskwi, Sputnik and another one, last Friday 29 May 2015.

Lavrov criticises MH17 investigation

From 2:40:00 Lavrov answers questions about the MH17. He expresses his concern about the slowness of the investigation. The UN Security council asked for monthly reports on the progress of the investigation. "We have not seen any reports!". Lavrov refers to the Dutch asking for people to stand up who saw a Russian Buk. Lavrov wonders why there are so little investigations to other data available. He mentions the worker on an airfield having seen a Ukrainian jet leave with two missiles and returning with only one. He even gave the name of the pilot of this jet. "We often ask for data, conversations between air traffic-controlers, and have not received. The Americans promised satellite and AWACS data, but never delivered." Lavrov gives more examples of American non-delivery. The Americans promised to cool the pro-Western forces down; instead of this the violence from that side only augmented, and no word from the Americans anymore.

Lavrov slams US double standards on Syria

The Russian foreign minister has slammed Washington’s unauthorized airstrikes in Syrian territory as a breach of international law, saying the US follows a dual policy in the battle against the ISIL Takfiri terror group.

Sergei Lavrov stated in a Friday interview with Rossiya 24 TV channel that he questioned his US counterpart John Kerry at a recent meeting at the Russian Black Sea resort city of Sochi on why Washington conducts airstrikes on ISIL positions in Iraqi territory with the consent of Baghdad, but carries out similar operations in Syria without seeking authorization from the Damascus government in “flagrant violation of international law.”

“I asked US Secretary [of State] John Kerry the reason why [the US] didn’t take the legal way – to receive a mandate for the coalition to get the approval of the Syrian and Iraqi government forces in their fight against IS[IL] - in the situation where the Syrian government is the objective ally in the fight against [the so-called] Islamic State,” said Lavrov.

“The answer was very interesting. I was told: ‘You know, we don’t consider the Syrian regime as a legitimate partner’,” he added.

Describing Washington’s refusal to cooperate with the Syrian government as “short-sighted,”Lavrov then noted that in 2014 the US considered the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad as legitimate during its cooperation in the successful destruction of the country’s chemical stockpile.

“Such double standards have been always characteristic for Americans,” Lavrov further emphasized.

Kerry held high level talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Lavrov at Sochi on May 12, marking the first visit by a senior American official to Russia since the Ukrainian crisis erupted in 2014.

During the Sochi talks, Putin and Kerry also discussed the fight against terrorism with the emphasis that the issue should be addressed “without double standards.”

Pointing to the persisting Ukrainian conflict, Lavrov underlined that some Western states have come to an understanding that Kiev authorities “are the main obstacle to the implementation of Minsk agreements.”

Although the Minsk deal states that Ukrainian officials should hold consultations with authorities in the country’s eastern territories of Donetsk and Lugansk to prepare for local elections under the Ukrainian law, the Russian foreign minister said, “However such consultations have not been launched.”

Under the Minsk accord, said Lavrov, the economic blockade of eastern Ukrainian regions must be ended, social payments reinstated and the banking system restored, emphasizing none of that has been carried out by Kiev. Based on Kiev’s position, Lavrov insisted that he does not believe Ukraine will be able to fulfill the entire Minsk agreements.

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  1. De uitlatingen die Lavrov in dit interview doet liggen volledig in lijn met de Russische berichtgeving over de aanslag op MH17 tot dusver heeft gevolgd. En die lijn is helder, consistent en zakelijk. De Russen maken zich zorgen over de traagheid en het gebrek aan transparantie bij het onderzoek en laten zich over die zorg ook regelmatig publiekelijk uit.

    Over het gebrek aan transparantie:

    "Investigation into the reasons of the catastrophe should be carried out under international control, should be all-encompassing and transparent for the wide international audience and mass media," the source said. "We will keep pressing for it, demanding the implementation of the UNSC resolution 2166 which stipulates monthly reports about the course of the investigation."


    Het achterhouden van bewijsmateriaal

    "There has been nothing clear in regard to the reasons of why the full presentation of recordings from the black boxes, or reasons of why the Ukrainian side with all of its airplanes that were flying along the same echelon over the region [have not been provided], and there's nothing clear of the reasons for the inability to present this information," Lavrov said during a briefing.


    Het gebrek aan medewerking of zelfs regelrechte tegenwerking van het onderzoek door andere landen:

    "Unfortunately, from the very beginning we have been witnessing attempts to conceal evidence and to hinder the implementation of that resolution. The demand for a ceasefire in the area of the crash was ignored by the Ukrainian authorities for more than 10 days, and our proposal to call for full respect of Resolution 2166 was blocked in the Security Council by the US, UK and Lithuania. At the same time, those very countries and some others started spreading unfounded accusations against Russia. Let me reiterate that Russia is fully committed to the international investigation in full compliance with Resolution 2166."


    De lijst met dit soort berichtenis zo ongeveer oneindig, maar er is in tegensteling tot in 'het Westen' geen officiele Russing lezing over de 'de waarheid' over MH17, laat staan dat er inmiddels al 5 geweest zouden zijn. Er is een persconferentie geweest van het Russische MvD op 21 juli waarin men stelde een gevechtsvliegtuig, mogelijk een SU25, op een paar mijl afstand van MH17 te hebben waargenomen rond de tijd van de crash. De suggestie die in deze radarwaarnemingen besloten ligt gaat natuurlijk keihard in tegen het door de westerse media eenstemmig naar voren geschoven defaultscenario dat de rebellen/Russen MH17 hebben neergeschoten.

    De Russen vinden dat het onderzoek niet onpartijdig en in alle openheid, voor zover mogelijk verloopt. Ik denk dat ze daarin groot gelijk hebben . Helaas.

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