zondag 8 juni 2014

A Sunny Sunday in Slavyansk with Singing birds, changed into Severe Savage Shelling with Death and Dissaster

For a change I will comment in English, to reach also our many viewers from abroad. We have fresh footage from the Slavyansk area today, Sunday 8 june 2014. The first film is showing continuously bombing on Slavyansk, "heavy shelling", and dense black smoke rising up out of the town, accompanied by peacefull singing of the birds. A surreal, but stil so real picture of today's Slavyansk. Made possible by the Poroshenko regime, fully backed by EU and USA. This film below, also of this very Sundayafternoon 8 June 2014, shows the on the ground dammage caused by the Ukrainian Government's shelling. Among the four killed innocent inhabbitants in today's bombing is a 5 year old girl. We remember that Dutch State "journalist" (Propagandist would be much more accurate), DAVID JAN GODFROID mentionned in Monday 2nd of June's broadcast that the Ukranian army cannot fire where civilian lifes are at stake. So, how would Mr Godfroid explain this then? He will most likely will not explain this at all, as this self-mentionned journalist does not even report on Lugansk city center missile airstrike, nor about Odessa. He is quite silent on the whole. Sometimes the dishonnest jourmnalists are even worse than the perpetrators themselves.

Below an update and summary of reasons for the current chaos. In the film it is mentionned that a deal had been closed last year between China and Ukraine regarding agriculture. This is completely correct information. The deal involved a lease of a large terraine by the Chinese where they good do the agriculture themselves. One should know that the soil of Ukraine is considered as one of the most fertile in the world, and in Soviet era Ukraine was considered the grain-shed of the country. Onderstaand

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